Group APN, is a set of six different companies operating in commercial, industrial   and services.
The Founder of this Group and current President, António Pereira Neves, build the first company back in 1973 called António Pereira Neves, Import & Export L.D.A.
After Angola Independence, in 1975, this small company began a strong expansion period where import rate rized behond expectations, so the need for new and bigger facilities was their next goal. Therefore in 1978, APN LDA, build their own headquarters congregating   the store, offices and warehouse.

1993 was the year where this Group started to invest in other business areas. The steel market was a good target and so a manufactory unit was put together in order to change galvanized steel coils in finished product. In this same year it was built another company operating in the wood sector and forestry business, named Imacol LDA.
In 1994, due to market development on which this Group was operating, it was decided to create a new company named Socime LDA with headquarters in Portugal incharge of all Group purchases outside Angola.
In 1999, the construction business was growing at an amazing rate, so it was decided to create a company operating in this market. APN Empreiteiros LDA, was born in this same year.

The war in Angola ended in 2002, finally the peace was reached. It was time to expand to different business areas and so APN Food Division LDA was build.
Currently the Group is investing on its industrial sector having always in mind increasing the import and export rate in order to expand its credible name and good image around the world.